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TC-3 Compressor



You don't have to compromise to get a great compressor. I created the TC-3 Compressor to offer an excellent balance between the range of tones available on classic compressors and the flexibility offered by modern designs. The only way to completely stop "pop-in," or notes that go abruptly from quiet to loud, is by using a parallel clean mix, and it can do that. Sometimes overlooked but not here, the TC-3 has both a great compressed tone and a great clean tone so you can use the entire range of its mix knob. I worked carefully in designing the pedal, selecting components, and laying it out to ensure a very low noise floor, and I think you'll appreciate that when you turn it on.


The TC-3 has all the adjustment necessary to get a great compressed tone, including controls for Sustain, Attack, Level, Mix, and a Presence adjustment to ensure note clarity. I consider it crucial that you be able to use it however you need to at a given moment, whether that be a squashed country lick, subtle sustain in front of a cranked amp, or anything else. You won't have to stay within unofficial "sweet spots" on the controls to get the best out of it.


I've included key features that professional musicians will love. The TC-3 features very high quality components, vital to road-worthy performance and reducing operating noise. Rather than relying on relatively fragile 3PDT switches, the TC-3 uses a durable, relay switching system. It is entirely true bypass, offers superior durability, and can be told to "remember" if it was on or off, or just default to off, as needed. The pedal features top-mounted jacks, often requested and now delivered. All jacks and switches are mounted to the enclosure and then hand-wired to the PCB for maximum lifespan.


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The TC-3 is a high quality, low noise compressor with great ease of use, tone, and range, and no effort spared when it comes to durability and performance.


  • Handcrafted in America

  • Relay True Bypass using the superior Carling foot-switch

  • Bypass can be adjusted to remember its last state, or default to off, for ease of use in any setup

  • Through hole plated PCB, manufactured in U.S.A.

  • 1% metal film resistors

  • Top quality film capacitors

  • Alpha potentiometers

  • Low-Noise Signal Path

  • Top-Mounted Input, Output and Power Jacks

  • Durable Enclosure by Pedal Parts Plus

  • Mix, Level, Sustain, Attack, and Presence controls

  • Bright red indicator LED

  • All Jacks and Switches mounted to the enclosure and hand-wired in

  • Internal Battery Snap, as well as external DC jack

  • 5 year warranty



  • Power Draw: ~16mA

  • “125B” size enclosure (2.6” X 4.8”)


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